St. Edward's 75th Anniversary

St. Edward the Confessor Church is pleased to announce the beginning of its 75th Anniversary Year! On the 75th Anniversary of our establishment on June 11th, 1942, His Emminence Thomas Cardinal Collins celebrated a wonderful Anniversary Mass at the Church to kick off the 75th Anniversary Year, a full year of celebrations to do with the 75th Anniversary of our parish. Check out some of the details below:

St. Edward's 75th Anniversary Kick-off Mass (June 11th, 2017)

This mass was a fabulous success, celebrated by His Emminence Thomas Cardinal Collins along with nine visiting priests with deep connections to our parish. After the mass a reception in the hall highlighted some of the fabulous work of our various parish groups as they worked together to feed over 400 people and it also featured a presentation on the history of our parish. A digital version of that presentation is available below:

Many thanks to Alvin who photographed the event. A gallery of images can be viewed here.

Baseball Sunday (July 30th, 2017)

On July 30 we said goodbye to our seminarian John Sutka with a fabulous celebration in the Parish hall. The ladies of the CWL worked together with the Social Committee to make the event a fabulous success, with an amazing baseball-themed reception after the 11:00 Mass. Parishioners started at first base where the young at heart got ice cream with a plethora of sprinkles and toppings. At second base the Knights of Columbus served Hot Dogs and Hamburgers to our hungry athletes and at third base traditional kettle corn was provided. Finally at home plate parishioners said goodbye to John Sutka in person and signed his going-away "card" (an actual basebal card).

A gallery of images is available here.

75th Anniversary Picnic (August 20th, 2017)

The St. Edward's annual picnic was a fabulous success yet again! Held on a bright, sunny day in St. Antoine Daniel's beautiful schoolyard it was an event filled with wonderful laughs, fun activities and delicious food. Activities included musical chairs, bocce, face painting, bouncy castles, an hora loca dance party and so much more! For all those who may have flown away for the summer or just didn't have the opportunity to attend the picnic, the wonderful photographer Alvin Sun took some excellent pictures of the event, which can be viewed here.

St. Edward's Neighbourhood Fete (October 14th, 2017)

On a fabulous weekend in October the local St. Edward's parishioners as well as many non-parishioners from the nearby areas all gathered together for a lovely reception at the Church. There was delicious barbeque food, warm apple cider and lots of activities, like face painting and games. Our friends from all around the block came in to explore our lovely Church on guided tours that said a bit about the history of some of the items of our parish, as well as offering an opportunity to really examine some of the features of the Church in depth, like the stained glass windows or the altar.

St. Edward's Talent Night (October 21st, 2017)

The Catholic Women's League helped to host a Talent Night in which many parishioners showed off their wonderful abilities in song and dance in front of the rest of the parish. It was great fun and everyone greatly enjoyed the evening.


Keep checking this page for more details about the 75th Anniversary Year as well as pictures of the events!

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